I don’t really like the idea of being a country counter because a lot of travelers have given it a very negative connotation. Unfortunately, as a travel blogger, it’s useful to you, my readers to know where I’ve been. So here we go!

Where I’ve Lived

Spain, Italy, England, Costa Rica, USA (Iowa, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, California, Utah)

Finland, technically. While I don’t live there full time, I now own a vacation cottage there! (It has it’s own blog – Lost & Found In Finland)

Where I’ve Been

By Continent

*Did you know that not everyone around the world agrees on the number of continents? In the USA, we are taught there are 7 continents.

ASIA: Japan, Malaysia, China, India, Singapore

AFRICA: I’ll write a blog post all about how Africa has alluded me for 17 years but in summary: scared parents/terrorists, fiancé (now an ex), terrorists, changed jobs, got the flu (and spent my birthday at a spa instead), and friend lost her visa.

EUROPE: Spain, Italy, England, Finland, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Estonia, Latvia, Andorra, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium

OCEANA: Papua New Guinea, Australia

NORTH AMERICA: Canada, Mexico, USA (all states but Oregon)

CENTRAL AMERICA: Guatemala, Belize, Panama, Costa Rica

SOUTH AMERICA: Chile, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay

ANTARCTICA: (Maybe 2020 with Wanderful?!)