2018 Knitting Challenge – 12+ Projects

Like most of the rest of the world, I’ve set some goals for 2018 now that the new year is underway. I outlined my reading goals in a separate post and here I’ll talk about my knitting plans for the year. First, I’m going with the cliché knitting resolution – a yarn diet. No buying new yarn in 2018. Unless by some miracle I manage to use-up (or sell) everything in my stash 🙂 My conservative goal for this year is to complete 12 projects and finish all my current WIPs…I think there’s about five but I’m not 100% sure. According to my Ravelry projects it’s 5 but I’m pretty sure there’s at least one that’s not in there – the Hermione Socks. Oh yeah, and I want to knit at least one pair or socks this year. Since I have more yarn than 12 projects worth then I’m pretty sure I “won’t” be buying new yearn this year… but that conflicts with my “buy local yarn from new countries I travel to” habit.


I decided one project a month is a reasonable goal and I’ll have a lot of airport and airplane time this year to work on things so my stretch goal is to complete 24 projects. Here’s what I have in mind so far:


WIPs I want to finish: 

  • Travelers End cardigan (4 years WIP)
  • Skinny Pipo beanie (started in Dec 2017)
  • Running Pullover (15 months WIP)
  • Merging Ripples Shawl (Started sometime in 2017)
  • Brea Bag (Knitting just needs lined and a handle – WIP for at least 4 years)
  • Hermione Socks
  • Baby Blanket for the baby who’s turing 11 this year…
  • Hat/scarf for grandma


Other projects I have in mind to knit this year: 

  • Ponytail beanie (by request – and using stash yarn!)
  • Baby softie for my new nephew (I may have to buy yarn for that one)
  • Smithfield Pullover (I offered to knit for a friend – I can use up the alpaca I bought in Chile 4 years ago to make my Graphite duo dress…)
  • Talland Tee (using the yarn I got from the Textilmuseum in Forst, Germany in 2017)
  • Coziest memories afghan (using up all the scraps I have)
  • Three Pussy Hats (I still have some pink yarn left, one will probably be a scrappy one)
  • Graduation Socks (for my friend who got her doctorate 3 years ago now…)


What are your knitting goals for 2018? What are you doing to keep yourself on track to meet them?

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  1. Keep on knitting. Handicrafts a good for a man and for a woman. My wife knits all the time. She has had other hobbies like quilting ang beading.

    Regards from Finland!

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