About Me

traveler | anthropreneur | knitter | sometimes writer | full time cottage owner

My poor mother will never forget finding me with a white-knuckle death grip on the bars of my crib – the outside of my crib – as I made my great escape into the world. Clearly, my desire to explore the world started early. I’m not sure if my mom was more or less terrified that day than the day I flew away for a year-long foreign exchange to Spain at 15 years old.

That was when I started my first travel website. The year was 2000 and I was killing it on Angelfire with my short stories and photo galleries! In the intervening 19 years, I have lazily kept up with my site while I bounced around the world for school, work and fun. I’m not really a country counter but for those who care, not counting the USA I’m up to 44 visited; 5 lived in; and I own property in 1. I’ve also lived in 9 US states and visited 49 (50 in June 2019!). Now that we have that out of the way…

I’m not one of those travelers who took a gap year to backpack through Asia or sold all my belongings to travel and trade work for a place to stay. I’ve travelled all these years by finding a purpose to travel and making it a core part of my life. Whether it was visiting friends, a job, or school, I looked for, and created, opportunities that allowed me to pursue my career and relationships at the same time as traveling.

Eli Sonders is a pseudonym. With the way the world works these days, I find comfort hiding behind some thinly vailed anonymity. Trolls are cruel but more importantly, the internet lasts forever. We all learn and grow and change every day. I’m young and I recognize that one day, I may not want this to be my life or to have it unfairly influence opportunities available to me. That being said, I didn’t pick the name willy-nilly. Both names have travel related meanings which I thought capture my outlook well.